Engage your in-store customers & drive new customers through them

Benefits to Merchants

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  • Engage & offer Rewards

    Offer instant rewards to users based on their actions & engagement with your brand. Activate your users smartly in the offline world.

  • Micro Social Influencer Network

    They share on FB, Tweet about your brand, Upload a picture on FB. Thus activating their friends on social network, giving you extended reach & brand resonance.

  • Hyper local targeting

    Target customers based on their current location. Drill down to filters like Current location, Category of location (Bar/Pub/Shopping), Demographics or past behaviour

  • Create customer loyalty

    Create your loyalty programs based on number of check-in the user do at your outlet. Make them "King" & "Queen" of your outlet based on maximum number of check-ins

  • Drive more customers

    Create exciting and engaging rewards & deals based on user demographics, their past behaviour, age, gender and current location. Those who are nearby can be targeted

  • Digital mapping & remarketing

    Our smart technology helps you map your activated users in offline engagements with their digital accounts thus helping you with re-marketing

Monitor your customer engagements in real-time and enhance customer experiences multi-fold.

Ready to engage your prospective customers as per their location?